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Presentation synopsis:
Mechanisms of HIV persistence

HIV persists in cellular and tissue reservoirs despite highly effective ART. Yet, infected cells persist over prolonged periods of time and viral replication restarts if ART is stopped. In this session, different mechanism of viral persistence will be reviewed, including the presence of latent HIV in different cellular reservoirs, tissue sanctuary sites, cryptic HIV replication, HIV cell-to-cell spread and homeostatic proliferation of infected cells. Moreover, the role of the immune system at controlling the HIV reservoir will also be discussed.

Speaker biography:

Maria J. Buzón is a PhD who has been involved in the investigation of HIV-1 for several years, with extensive training in molecular biology and virology and strong interest in translational research. She obtained her PhD at AIDS Research Institute, Irsicaixa in Barcelona, and her postdoctoral training at the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard, where after 3 years she was promoted to Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Her work on HIV persistence has been reflected in several peer-review publications in journals including Nature Medicine, Science of Translational Medicine and Plos Pathogens, among others. She also has contributed to innovation with 2 research patents. In addition, Dr Buzón has been a recipient of several awards including the “CFAR Young Investigator award” and the “International Raising Talents 2016” from the L´Oreal-Unesco For Women in Science Foundation.  Currently, Dr Buzón is leading the ”Translational Lab in HIV/STI” located in the Vall d´Hebrón Research Institute (VHIR) in Barcelona. Her investigations are focused on the characterization of the HIV reservoirs and the development of novel therapeutic strategies directed to target viral latency.


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