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Presentation synopsis:

Antiviral NK cells and HIV-1 immunotherapy

NK cells play a central role in the control of viral infections, including HIV-1 infection. NK cells express an array of activating and inhibitory receptors that can sense changes in the surface markers expressed on virus-infected cells. The mechanisms by which NK cells can recognize HIV-1-infected cells will be reviewed, and potential applications of NK cells in HIV-1 immunotherapies will be discussed.

Speaker biography:

The Altfeld laboratory is interested in innate immune responses to viral infections and vaccines, with a particular focus on NK cells and dendritic cells. Ongoing work involves i) studies of NK cell responses against HIV-1, HCV and Influenza, and their impact on viral acquisition, control and evolution; ii) studies of innate immune activation in response to infections/vaccines, and consequences for the quality and quantity of adaptive immunity; and iii) studies of dendritic cell function with particular focus on Type I IFN-mediated sex differences in immunity.

Prof. Altfeld currently serves as the Director of the Department for Virus Immunology at the Heinrich-Pette-Institut, a Leibniz Institute for Experimental Immunology, and as the Chair of the Institute for Immunology at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf.


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