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Presentation synopsis:

Major achievements in EuroSIDA : Perspective from invited expert

The talk will outline how the EuroSIDA cohort has produced key research outputs on the clinical implications of the HIV epidemic in Europe since its inception in 1994. The EuroSIDA study group has published almost 300 papers in peer-reviewed journals and informed international guidelines on best practice in HIV care and management. EuroSIDA was among the first studies to report on the dramatic and sustained declines in AIDS and mortality with HAART, the impact of TDF on renal function and on discontinuation of PCP prophylaxis after ART. A summary of key outputs in the areas of ART efficacy and adverse events, surveillance of opportunistic infections, regional European differences in HIV care and management and hepatitis co-infection will be covered

Speaker biography:

Alison Rodger is Professor of Infectious Diseases at University College London and a consultant in infectious diseases and HIV at the Royal Free Hospital in London. Her research interests include reducing rates of new HIV infections, HIV self-testing, assessing the cost effectiveness of HIV prevention, and improving the long-term health of people with HIV. She was lead author on the PARTNER HIV transmission study and currently leads the PANTHEON research programme that looks at how HIV self-testing could improve HIV diagnosis rates. Alison Rodger also co-chaired the BHIVA PrEP guidelines (2018) as well as sitting on a number of other guidelines groups.


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