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Presentation synopsis:

Pneumonia and invasive pneumococcal infections: Where are we in the era of universal treatment for HIV infection?

This lecture will address the epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of pneumonia and invasive pneumococcal infection in PLWHIV. The talk will focus particularly on the impact of ART and pneumococcal vaccine coverage on the epidemiology and severity of disease. Whether or not clinicians should have different strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of pneumococcal infections in PLWHIV will also be discussed.

Speaker biography:

Dr Nathalie De Castro has been working as Infectious Diseases physician in Paris for the last 15 years and is particularly involved in the care of PLWHIV and other immunosuppressed populations (transplant recipients or cancer), pulmonary infections and tuberculosis.


After specialising in pulmonology and infectious diseases in 2003, she obtained her medical degree at Paris 5 Descartes University and joined the Infectious Diseases Department of Saint-Louis Hospital (AP-HP).

Since 2006, Dr De Castro has participated in many clinical research projects and coordinated several clinical trials on HIV treatment and HIV-TB co-infection sponsored by the French national agency for research on HIV and hepatitis (ANRS) or other sponsors (APHP). She is also the coordinator of the Brazilian ANRS research site, contributes to different scientific groups within ANRS and is involved in a number of other international clinical and scientific cooperation on HIV and TB.


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