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Presentation synopsis:

Hemophagocytic syndrome during HIV infection: How to sail to weather the storm?

Hemophagocytic syndrome complicating HIV infection is a life-threatening condition caused by an unregulated T cytotoxic cells response leading to a cytokinic storm. Using real life situations, we will describe how to recognise the syndrome. We will focus on the way to identify its triggers in the setting of HIV infection. We will talk about some dangerous reefs to avoid especially some infectious complications. Finally, we will discuss the therapeutic approaches that may allow to get out safely from the storm.

Speaker biography:

Dr Lionel Galicier, born in 1970 in Paris, has been involved in the management of hematologic complications of HIV infection for 25 years. He is working as a physician in the clinical immunology unit of Saint Louis hospital in Paris, so he had a long clinical experience of such patients. He has participated to almost 200 publications in the field of clinical immunology. His research work is notably related to better understand secondary hemophagocytic syndrome and he has been involved in the build of new diagnostic score.

As his unit is a tertiary reference centre for HIV associated lymphomas and Castleman disease and as he works in close collaboration with the well-known Infectious Diseases unit of Saint Louis hospital, he is exactly at the right crossroad to talk about HIV associated hemophagocytic syndrome.


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