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Speaker biography

Dr. Iñaki Comas is Head of the Tuberculosis Genomics Unit at the Biomedicine Institute of Valencia. Dr. Comas did his PhD at the University of Valencia on Evolutionary Genomics of bacteria. In 2008, he moved to Dr. Sebastien Gagneux’s laboratory in the National Institute for Medical Research in London.

His team was among the first to use genome sequencing in large scale to address issues related with host-pathogen interaction, evolution and drug resistance. In 2012, Dr. Comas returned to Spain and since 2016 holds a permanent principal investigator position at the Biomedicine Institute of Valencia. He has regional, national and international funding including an ERC Starting Grant focusing on tuberculosis transmission. Current projects at the Tuberculosis Genomics Unit ( cover basic, applied and clinical/translational research with major focus on transmission and drug resistance of tuberculosis. Analyses from his group led to breakthrough insights in our understanding of antigenic variation (Nat Genet. 2010), identification of drug resistance targets (Nat Genet. 2012, JID 2019), evolution with the human host (Nat Genet. 2013, PNAS 2015, Current Biology 2015), identification of genomic determinants of virulence (Chiner-Oms 2019, Science Advances) and on transmission of the disease (JID 2014, EBIOMedicine 2018).

aki Comas

Biomedicine Institute of Valencia, Spain

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