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Plenary Speaker Biography


Prof. Linos VANDERCKHOVE graduated from the Medical School KULeuven in 1998 and obtained his PhD in 2006 from the Rega Institute (Leuven). In 2001, he worked for a year at the Pretoria Academic Hospital in the service of Internal Medicine.


He combined his infectious disease specialist education program with a PhD in Professor Debyser’s laboratory for Molecular Virology (Catholic University Leuven, Belgium). With this combination, he bridges the gap between Clinical Infectious Diseases at the AIDS clinic and basic Molecular Virology research.


In 2010, he worked as an invited researcher at the Gladstone Institute in Eric VERDIN and Warner lab. Since then, he has been working as an assistant professor in Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Gent, Belgium. Today, his laboratory is a team leader for HIV reservoir research.

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