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Presentation synopsis:

Treatment access, optimisation and community monitoring in Russia

Civil society organisations have long been involved in the drug procurement and provision monitoring in Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia through a number of mechanisms, including annual reporting based on open data and websites for tracking therapy shortages. This monitoring system helped to identify potential areas for improvement in the HIV treatment programmes across EECA, including drug choice, supply chain, use of fixed-dose combinations, excessive prices for patented drugs, etc. Some of these findings will be discussed in the presentation.

Speaker biography:

Sergey Golovin has worked in the field of healthcare and treatment access for around 10 years, specialising in monitoring availability and prices of essential medicines and linking IP issues with the treatment access agenda. Currently, Sergey is employed as Intellectual Property and Access Lead at the Treatment Preparedness Coalition in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, supervising a variety of research and advocacy projects with a focus on ways to improve treatment access using the resources of community organisations.

Sergey Golovin has been a co-author of a number of articles and reports dedicated to treatment access issues, including a series of reports on HCV and HIV drug procurement in Russia, report on the community response to the HCV Epidemic in EECA, article about safety and efficacy of generic products imported for personal use etc. He has also participated in several global community advisory board meetings and delivered numerous trainings in the field of treatment access for community activists across the globe. Sergey was part of the Global TB-CAB for two years and was involved in a number of projects related to access to TB drugs (including community advisory group meetings and drug procurement monitoring). He is currently a member of the Expert Advisory Group of the Medicines Patent Pool and the WHO HIV Treatment Reference Group for Eastern Europe and Central Asia.


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