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Presentation synopsis:

Clinical case 2: Administration of drugs through feeding tube & absorption/DDIs issues

Administration of antiretrovirals is challenging in people with swallowing difficulties or impaired intestinal passage and/or absorption. Liquid oral forms may be used in certain scenarios, but crushing tablets is often considered for administration in thickened fluids or by a feeding tube.
The lecture will present a case of late HIV diagnosis with gastric outlet obstruction due to stomach cancer. Rationale and pharmacokinetic data on alternative modes of administration in various antiretrovirals will be discussed. The University of Liverpool HIV drug interactions website information sheet for swallowing difficulties will be reviewed.

Speaker biography:

Dr Aleš Chrdle is an Infectious Disease Specialist in České Budějovice, Czech Republic, and in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

He is a Clinical Director of Regional Infectious Disease Unit in České Budějovice that provides specialist input to the management of the people living with HIV within the region. In the field of HIV, his interest is focused on pharmacokinetics, drug toxicity and drug to drug interactions.


Apart from that, his main clinical and research interests include Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia and zoonotic infections, especially tick-borne encephalitis, Lyme disease and tularemia.


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