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Presentation synopsis:

Are there gender and age differences in ARV PK?

Gender and age are characterised by physiological differences, which can affect drug pharmacokinetics. However, these effects cannot be fully quantified for antiretroviral drugs, because women and the elderly are often underrepresented in clinical trials. This lecture will critically review the current literature about gender- and age-related pharmacokinetic differences for HIV drugs and frequent co-medications. Furthermore, gender-related differences in tissue distribution and consequently dosing requirements of PrEP will be discussed. Finally, an outlook will be provided on gender- and age-related differences in drug exposure following intramuscular injection of antiretroviral drugs.

Speaker biography:

Felix Stader, M.Sc., is a pharmacologist at the University Hospital Basel. His work aimed at assessing the impact of age and gender on the pharmacokinetics and drug-drug interaction magnitudes of antiretroviral drugs. Additionally, he developed an effective and robust tool to estimate uncharacterised drug-drug interaction magnitudes to inform clinical dosing decisions. Felix studied biology (B.Sc.) and pharmaceutical science (M.Sc.) in Münster (Germany), before he joined Certara UK Ltd. as a research associate. Felix was involved in developing and applying modelling and simulations tools to estimate dosing requirements for special populations like paediatrics, the elderly or people with renal impairment.


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