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Presentation synopsis:

Effects of obesity and hormones on the immune system - Implications for women with HIV

Obesity is one of the major health challenges of our day. We now understand that the immune system is intimately involved in regulating body weight. Obesity also affects the immune system negatively. Hormones also regulate the immune system – and impact on body weight in this way. The environment is a major driver of obesity – at work, home, school and within society. This lecture will outline what we now know about the bodies robust metabolic and behavioural defence against weight loss. The nature of this defence against weight loss by the immune system will be explored.  We will look at how the female hormone system regulates immune function and weight and how HIV interacts with this system.

Speaker biography:

Prof. O’Shea qualified from University College Dublin in 1989 and then moved to Hammersmith Hospital in London. He completed research with Professor Stephen Bloom on how the brain controls appetite. He moved to current position establishing the first hospital based multidisciplinary treatment unit for the management of adult obesity in the country.

He is a member of the Department of Health Policy group on obesity established in 2011 and chaired a group carrying out a health impact assessment on the potential benefits and harms of a tax on sugar sweetened drinks. He has presented the EU Ministers for Health and the Director General of the WHO on the importance of prevention of childhood obesity. He has specific research interests in gender issues as well as obesity and published over 200 research papers. A regular on Operation Transformation, he recently took up his role as National lead for management of Obesity in Ireland with the HSE.


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