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About EACS

European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS)


The European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS) is a not-for-profit scientific society of European professionals involved in the field of HIV/AIDS. It was established in 1991 and is currently chaired by Prof. Jürgen Rockstroh of Germany as President and Dr. Sanjay Bhagani of the United Kingdom as Vice President.
It is run by a Governing Board consisting of 15 members and a General Assembly consisting of the Governing Board members and the Regional Representatives (currently 16 members) representing the five EACS regions.


Current members of the Governing Board (15):

Antonella d'Arminio Monforte MD
Manuel Battegay MD
Georg Behrens MD
Sanjay Bhagani MD, Vice President
Christine Katlama MD
Jens D. Lundgren MD
Esteban Martínez MD, Treasurer
Fiona Mulcahy MD, Immediate Past President
Cristina Mussini MD
Cristiana Oprea MD
Anton Pozniak MD
Peter Reiss MD
Jürgen Rockstroh MD, President
Ann Sullivan MD, Secretary
Annemarie Wensing MD

EACS bureau

Jürgen Rockstroh MD, President
Sanjay Bhagani MD, Vice President
Ann Sullivan MD, Secretary
Esteban Martínez MD, Treasurer
Fiona Mulcahy MD, Immediate Past President

Current Regional Representatives (16):

Sanjay Bhagani, United Kingdom
Nina Friis-Møller, Denmark
Paddy Mallon, Ireland
Ann Sullivan, United Kingdom

Andrzej Horban, Poland
Mariana Mardarescu, Romania
Cristiana Oprea, Romania

Andrea Antinori, Italy
Esteban Martínez, Spain
Cristina Mussini, Italy

Georg Behrens, Germany
Stéphane De Wit, Belgium
Hansjakob Furrer, Switzerland
Annemarie Wensing, The Netherlands


Rest of the world
M. John Gill, Canada
Sharon Walmsley, Canada

EACS Secretariat

Joëlle Verluyten, Executive Secretary
Audrey Desagher, Project Coordinator
Véronique Van Hal, Secretary

For more information about the European AIDS Clinical Society, please visit our website.


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